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Season 3

3×02: Chaos Rising

Scott: [about Allison and Lydia] They’re trying to help.
Derek Hale: These two. This one, who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle. Thank you. And, this one, who shot about 30 arrows into me and my pack.
Stiles: Okay, all right, now, come on. No one died, all right? Look, there may have been a little maiming, okay, a little mangling, but no death. That’s what I call an important distinction.
Allison Argent: My mother died.
Derek Hale: Your family’s little honor code killed your mother. Not me.

Lydia Martin: [about the wolf twins] I want one.
Allison Argent: Which one?
Lydia Martin: The straight one, obviously.

3×04: Unleashed

Allison Argent: Maybe you should tell me what you were doing at the bank the other night.
Ms. Morell: Maybe you should tell me what you were doing there. Looks like we have a situation here. Tell you what, give me the French word for it that’s the same in English, and you can avoid lunchtime detention.”
Allison Argent: Umm…
Ms. Morell: Impasse.

Isaac Lahey: Yeah, well you being happy really isn’t a big priority of mine, since you stabbed me 20 times with knives.
Allison Argent: They were actually Chinese ring daggers.

3×05: Frayed

Allison Argent: [Scott is holding up an arrow] How do you know it’s not from the archery team?
Scott McCall: We don’t have an archery team.
Allison Argent: Oh.
Scott McCall: And, even if we did, they probably wouldn’t be using military grade armor-piercing titanium arrowheads. I looked it up.

Mr. Argent: Threading the needle; finding a safe path between two opposing forces.
Allison Argent: Sounds like saving your own ass.

3×06: Motel California

Lydia Martin: I don’t like this place.
Allison Argent: I don’t think the people that own this place like this place. It’s just for a night.
Lydia Martin: A lot can happen in one night.

3×07: Tangled Up in Blue

Allison Argent: [Hiding in the closet with Scott] What are you doing?
Scott McCall: Nothing.
Allison Argent: Part of you is doing something.
Scott McCall: Oh, sorry.
Allison Argent: Stop!
Scott McCall: I kind of don’t have control over that.

Allison Argent: Surprised to see me?
Gerard: Only surprise is that it’s taken you this long.

3×09: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Isaac Lahey: FYI, if your dad tries to kill me, I’m gonna defend myself.
Allison Argent: If my dad tries to kill you, you’ll be dead.
Isaac Lahey: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Allison Argent: Stay behind me and stay quiet.
Isaac Lahey: Oh, this is so not gonna end well.

3×10: The Overlooked

Allison Argent: [Over video chat] You ready?
Isaac Lahey: Yeah.
Allison Argent: You’re not nervous, are you?
Isaac Lahey: Do I look nervous?
Allison Argent: No, not at all.
Mr. Argent: [Off screen] Did he look nervous?
Allison Argent: Terrified.
Isaac Lahey: Yeah, I can still hear you, very, very clearly.

3×12: Lunar Eclipse

Allison Argent: I was thinking that maybe I should be prepared. Learn to be a better fighter and learn all the things that you can still teach me. And maybe a few things more. But we’re going to have a new code. Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger.
Mr. Argent: [Translating] “We protect those who cannot protect themselves.”

Victoria Argent: Your father is a highly respected private security consultant and a federally licensed firearms dealer.It’s not exactly a 9:00-to-5:00 office job.
Allison Argent: [Tries to speak but is interrupted] I…
Victoria Argent: The hours are always going to be like that.
Allison Argent: I get it. It’s just – it’s kind of weird when he takes off in the middle of the night; rushing out with duffel bags full of automatic weapons.

3×13: Anchors

Kira: I couldn’t help overhearing what you guys were talking about. And I think I actually might know what you’re talking about. There’s a Tibetan word for it. It’s called “Bardo”. It literally means “in-between state.” The state between life and death.
Lydia Martin: So are you talking Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism or Indian?
Kira: Either, I guess. But all the stuff you guys were just saying? All that happens in Bardo. There are different progressive states where you can have hallucinations. Some you see, some you just hear. And you can by visited by peaceful and wrathful deities.
Isaac Lahey: Wrathful deities? And what are those?
Kira: Like demons.
Stiles: Demons. Why not?
Allison Argent: Hold on, if there are different progressive states, then what’s the last one?
Kira: Death. You die.

Lydia Martin: Well, well, look who’s no longer the crazy one.
Allison Argent: We are not crazy.
Lydia Martin: Hallucinating, sleepy paralysis, yeah, you guys are fine.
Scott McCall: We did die and come back to life. That’s gotta have some side effects, right?
Stiles: We keep an eye on each other. Okay? And Lydia, stop enjoying this so much.

3×14: More Bad Than Good

Allison Argent: Coyotes don’t like wolves. And they’re really smart. If they don’t want to be heard, they walk on their toes.
Stiles: They tip toe?
Allison Argent: They tip toe.

3×15: Galvanize

Isaac Lahey: [after trying to get into Allison’s house] You electrified the windows?
Allison Argent: Yup.
Isaac Lahey: Didn’t want to say anything about it?
Allison Argent: No.

Allison Argent: Are you serious?
Isaac Lahey: What?
Allison Argent: You were just trying to kiss me.
Isaac Lahey: No, I wasn’t.
Allison Argent: Then what were you trying to do? Head-butt me?
Isaac Lahey: All right, maybe I was trying to kiss you.

3×19: Letharia Vulpina

Lydia Martin: I just need to figure this out and he’s the only one offering help.
Allison Argent: Peter doesn’t offer help. He offers a chance for you to be manipulated into giving him what he wants.
Lydia Martin: Fine. Let’s see what he wants.

Allison Argent: Did Stiles really do this?
Scott McCall: Whatever’s controlling him did it. Whatever’s inside him.
Allison Argent: Then how do we get whatever’s inside him the hell out of him?
Scott McCall: I’m working on it.

Peter Hale: [about Allison] She goes.
Lydia Martin: The last time I was alone with you… I almost bled out on a lacrosse field. She stays.
Peter Hale: Do you actually think I was trying to kill you when I bit you? You were my backup plan, remember? Not to mention, the bite is what brought out your nascent abilities. You think power like that was going to come out on its own? I’m the spark that lit your fire, sweetheart.
Allison Argent: You attacked her and nearly killed her.
Peter Hale: Power doesn’t come without a little pain and struggle.

3×20: Echo House

Scott McCall: This is a really bad plan.
Lydia Martin: It’s not that bad.
Ethan: It’s not that good.
Lydia Martin: None of us knows the route they’re going to take. If Allison can get one of her dad’s GPS trackers on the armored car then we can follow it.
[Points on a map]
Lydia Martin: So when it gets here…
Aiden: We attack them?
Lydia Martin: No. Your bikes will be in the middle of the road, looking like you guys got into an accident. And when the driver gets out to help…
Aiden: We attack him?
Allison Argent, Lydia Martin: NO!

3×21: The Fox and the Wolf

Sheriff Stilinski: I don’t know how you guys do it. You’re all so strong. You’re fearless. Hell, you manage to keep your grades up.
Allison Argent: Well. I’m failing Econ

3×23: Insatiable

Allison Argent: I came to save my best friend.
Scott McCall: I came to save mine.
Isaac Lahey: I just didn’t feel like doing any homework.