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Season 2

2×01: Omega

Allison Argent: You okay?
Scott McCall: [cheerfully] It’s just another life-threatening conversation with your dad!

Scott McCall: [In Allison’s room] Do the right-side brakes on your dad’s SUV squeak a little bit?
Allison Argent: Yes…
Scott McCall: Then we’re dead.

Victoria Argent: Did I interrupt something?
Allison Argent: Just my studying. My life. My happiness. My will to live.

Scott McCall: If she’s turning, would they actually kill her?
Allison Argent: I don’t know. They won’t tell me anything. Okay, all they say is, “We’ll talk after Kate’s funeral, when the others get here.”
Stiles: What others?
Allison Argent: I don’t know, they won’t tell me that yet.
Stiles: Okay, your family’s got some serious communication issues to work on.

2×02: Shape Shifted

Allison Argent: You really don’t remember anything?
Lydia Martin: They called it a fugue state, which is basically a way of saying “We have no idea why you can’t remember running through the woods naked for two days.” But personally, I don’t care. I lost nine pounds.
Allison Argent: [about to enter the school] Are you ready for this?
Lydia Martin: Please. It’s not like my aunt’s a serial killer.
[as soon as they step inside everyone turns and stares]
Allison Argent: Maybe it’s the nine pounds.

2×03: Ice Pick

Allison Argent: [after he dad pretends to kidnap her] Is this how we’re gonna do father-daughter talks from now on?
Mr. Argent: No, this is how we’re gonna train you.

Scott McCall: [about the creature they saw] It had a tail. I don’t have a tail.
Allison Argent: Maybe you just haven’t grown it yet.
Scott McCall: I’m not growing a tail. Ever.

Allison Argent: Since you never skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?
Scott McCall: Allison. Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the werewolf thing? Super speed, strength and reflexes.
Allison Argent: So a little ice skating should be no problem.
Scott McCall: Yeah. See? It’s no problem –
Scott McCall: ugh! Maybe.

Allison Argent: She’s with Derek now, isn’t she? Like Isaac. You can’t get caught in the middle of this. Don’t you feel what’s happening? My grandfather coming here, Derek turning Erica and Isaac, it’s – It’s like battle lines are being drawn.
Scott McCall: I know.
Allison Argent: There’s always crossfire.
Scott McCall: What am I supposed to do? I can’t just stand by. I can’t pretend to be normal.
Allison Argent: I don’t want you to be normal. I want you to be alive.

2×04: Abomination

Allison Argent: I think you mean…
Stiles: No! I mean bestiary. And I really don’t want to know what’s going through you and Scott’s minds.

2×06: Frenemy

Allison Argent: Someone’s not protecting him. Someone’s controlling him.

Allison Argent: We’re just a bunch of teenagers, we can’t handle this!

Lydia Martin: I know archaic Latin.
Allison Argent: You know archaic Latin?
Lydia Martin: I got bored with classical Latin.

Allison Argent: Why wouldn’t I want anything that lets me be with you? Not just until the end of high school…
Scott McCall: Well, then you’d better not get into too good of a college. My grades suck.

2×07: Restraint

Scott McCall: What did you tell her?
Allison Argent: That we were part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.
Stiles: I *am* part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures.
Allison Argent: O-oh. Great.

2×08: Raving

Scott McCall: Remember when I was pulled out of detention to go to the office? She was the one that talked to me. And she was asking me all these questions about us. Like really, really specific questions. And there were pencils being sharpened…
Allison Argent: Pencils?
Scott McCall: Just trust me – it was bad.

1×03: Tangled Up in Blue

2×09: Party Guessed

Matt: Photographers call them candids.
Allison Argent: Well, police officers call it stalking.

Allison Argent: [about Lydia] We’ve completely ignored her for the past two weeks.
Scott McCall: She’s completely ignored Stiles the past 10 years.
Stiles: I prefer to think of it as me not having been on her radar.

2×12: Master Plan

Allison Argent: There’s no such thing as fate.
Scott McCall: There’s no such thing as werewolves.