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Season 1
1×01: Wolf Moon
June 5, 2011 Director Russell Mulcahy Writers Jeff Davis and Jeph Loeb & Matthew Weisman
Scott McCall, a 16-year-old, and his best friend Stiles go into the woods to find a dead body whose one half is missing, but Stiles’ father, the sheriff, catches them. While Scott is returning home, he is bitten by a werewolf. The next day, Scott discovers new abilities like super-hearing and enhanced strength, and is quickly noticed by the team captain Jackson. Scott gets a date to a party with the new girl, Allison, but Stiles warns him that the full moon is upon them and he shouldn’t go. Despite the warning, Scott goes to the party, but starts getting pains from his first transformation and flees. Scott later begins to view Derek Hale, a mysterious young man who drove Allison home from the party, as a threat as he thinks Derek is the werewolf who bit him. When Scott is shot in the arm with an arrow by three werewolf hunters in the woods, he is saved by Derek, who reveals to him that he is a werewolf too. The next morning at school, Scott apologizes to Allison for leaving her at the party and finds out that one of the werewolf hunters is actually Allison’s father.
1×02: Second Chance at First Line
June 6, 2011 Director Russell Mulcahy Writers Jeff Davis
Scott tells Stiles that Allison’s father was one of the werewolf hunters who tried to shoot him. Later, Scott hurts Jackson badly during lacrosse practice and starts transforming. Stiles take Scott to the locker room where Scott attacks him, but Stiles calms him down. That night, Derek tells Scott not to show up at the game on Saturday night or he will transform. Coach Finstock however, tells Scott that he’s out if he doesn’t play. When Scott goes to Derek’s house, he smells the other half of the dead body buried nearby. Scott and Stiles report Derek to the sheriff and Derek is arrested. Scott makes the winning shot at the game and starts transforming. He runs to the locker room where Allison quickly comes for him. Scott manages to control himself and they kiss. Stiles breaks the news that Derek has been released from jail since the body was ripped by an animal and the body is of Laura Hale: Derek’s sister. Jackson finds Scott’s pierced glove in the field and looks at it with confusion, as Derek watches from behind.
1×03: Pack Mentality
June 13, 2011 Director Russell Mulcahy Writers Jeff Vlaming
Scott and Allison are making out in a school bus, the adrenaline rush making Scott turn into a werewolf. He proceeds to attack Allison. The events turn out to be a dream. At school, Scott and Stiles see a bloodied school bus outside and Scott worries that he actually killed Allison, but is relieved to see her alive and well. In class, Scott and Stiles see the real victim, deeply injured, from the bus attack. Worried, Scott turns to Derek for help on controlling his animal side. Derek agrees to help as long as Scott promises him an unknown favor. He then sends Scott to the bus where he discovers (through flashbacks) that he didn’t attack the bus driver but was trying to help him instead. Feeling better, Scott goes on a group date with Allison, Lydia and Jackson, where Jackson’s suspicions of Scott increase. Stiles informs Scott that the bus driver has died from his wounds. Angry, Scott heads to Derek’s house where they fight as werewolves until Derek reveals to Scott that he wasn’t the one who bit him. Scott learns there is another wolf, a powerful Alpha werewolf, who actually bit him. Derek hopes to use Scott’s connection to the Alpha werewolf to find him and for Scott to help (the promised favor).
1×04: Magic Bullet
June 20, 2011 Director Toby Wilkins Writers Daniel Sinclair
A woman driving at night is followed by an Alpha werewolf that tries to kill her. The woman shoots at it with her gun. Derek is in the shadows, trying to follow the Alpha werewolf, but is shot in the arm with a wolfsbane bullet by the woman. Scott overhears Allison’s dad and the woman, Allison’s aunt Kate, saying Derek has 48 hours to live. The next day, Derek goes looking for Scott at his school and asks Jackson where he is. Jackson irritates him instead and Derek grabs the back of his neck, causing scratches from his wolf claws on Jackson’s skin. After school, Stiles and Scott see Derek and he tells them he needs a wolfsbane bullet like the one the hunter used on him. Stiles is left with Derek while Scott goes to Allison’s house to find the bullet. Scott is forced to stay for an awkward dinner while trying to find the bullet, and Stiles, having a hard time taking care of Derek, takes him to the vet’s office. With Derek’s health rapidly declining, Derek plans to have Stiles cut his arm off if they run out of time, since he will die if the wolfsbane reaches his heart. Scott finds a wolfsbane bullet in Kate’s bag and takes one, making it to the vet’s office right before Stiles starts cutting Derek’s arm. Derek uses the wolfsbane in the bullet to supernaturally heal his wound. Scott admits the hunters of Allison’s family seem like good people. To prove him wrong, Derek takes Scott to see his badly burned uncle, solemnly explaining that a fire killed his entire family 6 years ago, started by hunters who went against their own rules; it is hinted that Kate was one of those hunters.
1×06: Heart Monitor
Jul 4, 2011 Director Toby Wilkins Writers Daniel Sinclair
Scott is chased by a werewolf in a parking garage. The werewolf turns out to be Derek, who was testing Scott’s skills. Scott asks Derek to teach him how to control his changes and Derek agrees to do so if he stays away from Allison, as she is a distraction. Scott agrees but goes to see Allison anyway. He then has a run-in with the Alpha werewolf, who draws a spiral on his window, similar to the one on Derek’s sister, Laura’s grave. Scott tells Derek about the spiral, which disturbs Derek. Since Scott’s short temper is what sets off his transformation, Stiles decides to help Scott control his anger. They both realize that Allison keeps Scott calm. Jackson, disturbed by the claw marks on his neck, has strange hallucinations. Derek visits his burnt uncle and asks about the Alpha werewolf but leaves after no response. He finds an article about a dead deer with a spiral etched into its fur on his car, learns the town vet dealt with the animal, and visits him. When the vet lies, Derek angrily tries to get the truth from him. Scott stops him just as Derek knocks the vet out. He tells Derek to meet him tonight at school, where he and Stiles sneak in to use the PA system so Scott can call the Alpha werewolf. Derek arrives with the unconscious vet in his car. After Scott calls the Alpha werewolf, the boys go outside, where they notice the vet is gone from Derek’s car. Derek is then lifted by the Alpha werewolf and thrown against the wall, knocking him out. The Alpha then goes after Scott and Stiles, who lock themselves in the school, panicked and unsure if Derek is still alive.
1×07: Night School
July 11, 2011 Director Tim Andrew Writers Jeff Vlaming
Locked in the school, Scott and Stiles try to figure out how to escape from the Alpha werewolf safely. The Alpha werewolf keeps them from leaving and murders the janitor. Allison goes to the school with Jackson and Lydia after she gets a mysterious text from Scott saying to meet him at the school. Soon enough, everyone gets trapped inside the cafeteria. Scott reveals he never sent Allison any text. Jackson, Lydia and Allison demand to know what’s going on. Not knowing what to say, Scott lies that Derek is the one after them. Stiles calls his father, the sheriff, despite wanting to keep him safe. The group flees into a science classroom, where they find a locked door, which leads to a fire escape. Scott looks for the janitor’s body to get the keys. He follows the janitor’s scent to the gym, and finds the body under the bleachers. He comes face-to-face with the Alpha werewolf, who howls, causing Scott to transform painfully. Jackson also reacts to the howl, due to his scratches. Scott makes his way back to the classroom as a wolf but is stopped by Allison’s voice. He changes back just as Stiles’ father arrives with the police. Outside, safe and free, Scott sees the vet, mysteriously okay. Scott tells Stiles that the Alpha werewolf never planned to kill them at all; the Alpha werewolf actually wanted Scott to kill everyone himself so that he could join the Alpha werewolf’s pack. Scott admits this is dangerous because in werewolf form, he actually wanted to kill them all. Allison breaks up with Scott, feeling she can’t trust him.
1×08: Lunatic
July 18, 2011 Director Tim Andrew Writers Monica Macer
Stiles takes Scott into the woods to get drunk in an effort to comfort him after his break-up with Allison. Two men come and take the bottle, only for Scott, influenced by the coming full moon, to get angered. The men are killed by the Alpha werewolf shortly after. At school, Scott begins showing bizarre behavior unlike himself and hallucinating, results of the coming full moon. Stiles and Scott plan to keep Scott locked up during the full moon, for fear that he may kill someone under its influence. Prior to lacrosse practice, Stiles asks Scott if he can ask Lydia if she likes him (Stiles). However Scott approaches Lydia only to ask if Allison still likes him (Scott); Lydia shifts the conversation and she and Scott make out. Scott later lies to Stiles, and is incredibly violent during practice. Allison and Jackson bond and talk, both agreeing that Derek was not their attacker. That evening, Stiles handcuffs a predatory Scott to a radiator to protect him from himself and to get revenge on him kissing Lydia. Scott goes wild, transforms and escapes. Just as he is about to attack Jackson and Allison, Derek, who is revealed to be alive, subdues him. The Argents conclude that there’s a younger Beta werewolf alongside Derek. Scott, now back to normal and scared about what is happening to him, asks if there’s a cure. Derek confirms that there might be: to kill the one who bit him. Jackson finds a claw-nail on his car, left by Scott, and realizes that it matches the hole in Scott’s pierced glove that he found in “Second Chance at First Line”.
1×09: Wolf’s Bane
July 25, 2011 Director Tim Andrew Writers Jonathan Rossier
Jackson discovers Scott’s secret and wants to become a werewolf too. Jackson becomes closer with Allison, dumping Lydia in the process. Derek is on the run from police as he is a suspect in the murders since Scott put the blame on him for the events of Night School. Stiles’ father interrogates Scott’s chemistry teacher, who guiltily explains that he had met Kate years before and explained to her how to set a fire after she got him drunk, and that a few days after, the fire that killed Derek’s family occurred. Although he doesn’t remember Kate, he draws the Argent family crest and gives it to Derek as a lead. Scott tells Derek he saw the crest on Allison’s necklace and Derek asks him to find the necklace, as it has to do with her family’s secret. Scott sneaks into Allison’s room and finds the necklace in the pages of an old book that has to do with werewolves. Before Scott leaves, he is caught by Allison’s father, who asks Scott how he knows Derek Hale. Scott explains everything he did while they were locked in the school was to protect Allison, which Allison overhears. Stiles and Derek trace the sender of the mysterious text message from “Night School” to the hospital from Melissa McCall’s account. Stiles goes to the hospital with Derek. With a nasty shock, they find out that Derek’s uncle is in fact the Alpha werewolf, who has been responsible for all the murders.
1×10: Co-Captain
Agust 1, 2011 Director Ruseel Mulcahy Writers Jeff Vlaming
Stiles uses his father’s research to get answers about the Alpha werewolf’s victims. Apparently, the Alpha werewolf has been killing only the ones who were involved with the fire that killed the Hale family. Jackson is suspected to be one of the Beta werewolves and Allison’s father tries to get the truth out of him. Scott is angered by this but Jackson is still keen on becoming a werewolf. Derek and his uncle tell Scott they want him to join the pack and Scott is shocked that Derek is suddenly on the Alpha werewolf’s side. The Alpha werewolf punctures Scott’s neck, showing him what really happened during the fire and the murders through flashbacks. While looking for her family crest necklace, Allison finds the sharp end of an arrow left behind by Kate and tries it out in the woods with Lydia. She shoots Scott with a taser, thinking him to be an intruder. She apologizes and Scott reveals that he was there to return her necklace. Allison later visits Scott’s house, wanting to talk to him. At the same time, they see that Scott’s mom, Melissa, is preparing for a date. Scott opens the door to see that Melissa’s date is the Alpha werewolf. The Alpha werewolf plans to convert Melissa into a werewolf as a means of coercing Scott to join the pack. Scott leaves Allison in his bedroom to follow his mom and manages to thwart the Alpha werewolf’s plan. After entering the Hale property, Scott appears to save Jackson from being killed and Kate interferes. Scott gets shot and the town vet carries him back to his clinic. When he takes the bullet out of Scott’s body, he reveals that he only works healing cats and dogs 90% of the time, implying that the other 10% are werewolves. Kate tells Allison the family secret and it’s revealed that she’s got Derek chained against the wall, torturing him.
1×11: Formality
August 8, 2011 Director Russell Mulcahy Writers Monica Macer
The winter formal is coming up at the school. Kate explains about werewolves and werewolf hunters to Allison by using Derek as an example. While the vet is taking care of Scott, he is accosted by Peter, who threatens him. The vet however, refuses to give Scott to him. Peter throws furniture at the wall next to him when he is unable to approach due to mountain ash. Coach Finstock informs Scott that due to his academic standing, he won’t be allowed to attend the dance. This concerns Scott and Stiles, who are aware that the Alpha werewolf is after Allison. Scott pleads with Jackson into asking Allison to the dance to protect her. When Jackson refuses, Scott shifts into a werewolf and forces Jackson to ask her, while Allison convinces Lydia to ask Stiles. They go shopping for formal clothes, where Peter approaches Allison. However, Scott’s quick thinking pulls her away from him. That evening, Kate speaks to Derek, revealing that the two were in a relationship at one point but that she betrayed him. Kate figures out that Scott is the second Beta werewolf. At the dance, Jackson has gotten drunk and is reluctant to spend time with Allison. Stiles has success in wooing Lydia but she is on the lookout for Jackson. Scott also arrives and confesses to Allison that he loves her, leading to a kiss. Jackson drunkenly stumbles into the woods and sees what he thinks is a werewolf. He demands to be changed, only to see that the silhouettes are that of werewolf hunters, led by Mr. Argent. Jackson reveals Scott’s identity to them. Lydia leaves to find Jackson. Stiles finds Jackson instead, who is in a confused daze. Lydia walks out to the field, where she is brutally attacked by Peter. Peter asks Stiles where Derek is, threatening to kill an unconscious Lydia. Scott and Allison go to the school buses for privacy and Allison enters a bus, beckoning Scott to come in. Before he can, Scott is blocked in between two cars, one of which is driven by Chris Argent. By the time Scott looks up, he has transformed into a werewolf, revealing his identity to a horrified Allison.
1×12: Code Breaker
August 15, 2011 Director Russell Mulcahy Writers Jeff Davis
Scott, now in his werewolf form, runs away from the Argents. Chris is outraged that Kate told Allison everything beforehand and forces Kate to retreat with Allison to Washington until the Alpha werewolf is put down. Allison tries to come to terms with the fact that Scott is a werewolf. The Alpha werewolf forces Stiles to help him find Scott and Derek, revealing that Lydia – if she doesn’t die – will become a werewolf. With Stiles’s help, he locates the two, while Scott finds Derek. When Derek refuses to help him, Scott reveals that Peter killed the previous Alpha werewolf (Derek’s sister) to become the Alpha werewolf. At the hospital where Lydia is, Jackson and Stiles are approached by Chris Argent and his team; Stiles reveals that Kate was the one who burned down the Hale household. By doing that, Kate violated the werewolf hunter’s code of not killing the innocent, as there were children and humans in the house when the fire was set. Scott and Derek they are attacked by Kate and Allison, only to be stopped by Chris, who confronts Kate after realizing her true nature. He threatens to kill her if she doesn’t take the gun off Scott, whom he realizes never killed anyone. Just then, Peter reveals himself and a battle ensues between Peter, Kate, Chris, Scott, Derek and Allison. Peter slits Kate’s throat in revenge for burning down the Hale house, killing her. Derek is soon knocked out in the battle, leaving Scott to fight the Alpha werewolf. Jackson, Stiles and Allison help Scott defeat the Alpha werewolf. Before Scott can get the cure by killing Peter, Derek cuts Peter’s throat in vengeance for his sister’s death and thus becomes the new Alpha werewolf, a fact he takes to gleefully. Allison kisses Scott and says she loves him. Later, Scott and Stiles check on Lydia–she’s not healing like a werewolf would, so Stiles wonders what she is now, if not a werewolf. Jackson approaches Derek and demands the bite. Derek grins maliciously and bears his fangs; it is left ambiguous as to if he really does bite Jackson.