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Stills and captures of the missing Gotham episodes are now uploaded to the gallery.

0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0180.jpg 0150.jpg

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I’ve added over 250 HQ photos of Crystal attending events over the last few years! Thanks to Maria for her help with these photos.

crw_WonderWomanPrem_031.jpg crw_MTVTRL_015.jpg crw_RubenGuthrie_009.jpg crw_DenimforDJ_002.jpg 

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I have added a recent photoshoot of Crystal to the image gallery!

0005.jpg 0002.jpg 0001.jpg

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Captures of this week’s Gotham have been added to the image gallery!

0009.jpg 0040.jpg 0062.jpg 0096.jpg

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I have added screen captures, promotional stills and a promotional shoot pic of Crystal from season 4 where she is playing Falcone’s daughter, to our image gallery.

0015.jpg 0084.jpg 0003.jpg 0061.jpg

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Crystal Reed Web is back! We will be working hard to bring the site back up to date but we ask for your patience. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @CrystalReedWeb to stay up to date with the site!

I’ve replaced two photoshoots that Crystal did a few years ago with HQ versions!


crw_005_003.jpg crw_005_004.jpg crw_011_001.jpg crw_011_003.jpg

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